Effective Ways to Brighten Blackened Armpit Skin

Having a black armpit can reduce confidence. But don't worry! Instead of carelessly buying underarm whitening cream in an online store that isn't necessarily safe, why not just try various ways to get rid of this black armpit?

Effective Ways to Brighten Blackened Armpit Skin

The choice of how to remove black underarms

Reporting from the Medical News Today page, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and drug consumption are some things that can cause black underarm skin. Not only that. Some habits that you often do unconsciously may also cause blackness.

Well, some ways to get rid of black armpits that you can try

1. Use a moisturizer for underarms

Shaving or pulling underarm hair can make the skin black. If you are a person who regularly does it, you should apply the shaving cream first before shaving the armpit and ending with moisturizer afterward.

The use creams and moisturizer on the armpits helps reduce irritation that can cause skin discoloration.

2. Underarm mask with natural ingredients

There are various natural ingredients that are believed to be able to be used as a way to deal with black underarms. Starting from lemon, turmeric, sea cucumber extract, cucumber, to milk. Not without reason, this is thanks to the content of special substances in these natural ingredients that are able to gradually lighten the armpit color. For example, the content of curcumin in turmeric.

It is important to remember, you should still consult a doctor because there are some natural ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin. Especially if your skin is classified as sensitive.

3. Use the cream according to the doctor's prescription

Dermatologists can prescribe several medications that can help lighten skin tones, such as retinoid creams, hydroquinone, and calcipotriene which contain vitamin D to reduce dark pigmentation of the skin. Doctors can also recommend peeling treatments using trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to remove dead skin cells.

4. Laser therapy

Another way to get rid of black underarms is to do laser therapy. Because laser therapy can reduce skin thickening that occurs along with darkening of skin color. That is why reducing the thickness of the skin can help make the underarm skin look brighter.

On the other hand, laser therapy can also reduce the growth of underarm hair which of course lowers your frequency for shaving. The less you shave, the less chance your skin will darken underarm.