Body building nutrition plan and exercise patterns to gain weight

Having a healthy and ideal body that makes life better is the dream of most people. You just read the contents of this guide and you are increasingly curious about how to get a healthy and ideal body. This complete and structured guide makes you get closer to your goals.

Body building nutrition plan and exercise patterns to gain weight

This guide contains most of the information you want to know to get your dream body from the diet, exercise, and supplementation you need to form a healthy and ideal body.


What is Muscle Building?
Muscle building is a bodybuilding program to increase muscle mass and weight through the regulation of diet, exercise, rest and proper supplementation. This program is suitable for those of you who want to gain weight so as not to look thin or want to increase muscle mass (thickening the condition of the body muscles now)

What is a supplement?
The body needs nutritional intake from whole foods and supplements. Supplements are added foods that are useful to help meet some of the body's needs.

What are the benefits of supplements in the Muscle Building program?
There are supplements in the Muscle Building program that contain protein and carbohydrates to restore and develop muscle, some also contain creatine to increase energy and stamina during exercise and help increase your muscle mass. Multivitamin and mineral supplements contribute to the fulfillment of the body's nutritional needs.

Is this supplement safe to use?
Yes, you consume this supplement according to the recommendations listed and this supplement is safe for you to consume. If you have certain health conditions, consult the experts first.

What is Ultimate Nutrition?
Ultimate Nutrition is a brand of quality supplements produced by Ultimate Nutrition Inc. in Farmington, CT. The United States.

In establishing the Muscle Building program, you need to pay attention to 4 points:
1. A disciplined diet, which means eating 5-6 times a day, high in protein, carbohydrates and moderate amounts of fat aims to increase calorie intake so that your muscle mass develops more easily.

2. Routine Exercise Patterns, which means training each part of the body muscle in one week by scheduling. For example, we want to form abdominal muscles but still need to pay attention to foot exercises. In addition, always try to put the large muscles (legs, back, chest and shoulders) first on the small muscles (arms, abdomen, and calves) when training in 1 session.

3. A pattern of adequate rest, meaning that we damage the muscles in a training session and rest improve our muscles to be bigger and stronger. So that the quality and quantity of high rest will greatly help us make our goals.

4. The right supplement pattern means that you choose the type of supplement that will help our program. For example in the Muscle Building program, some of the supplements you need are Weight Gainer (Isomass Extreme Gainer) and Creatine Ethyl Esther (Kre Alkalyn).

Diet is one of the important aspects in the successful establishment of a body either Muscle Building or other programs. Once you understand and run the diet program below, you will begin to feel the benefits while you pay attention to other aspects.

The dietary concept of the Muscle Building program is to add calories from the ideal type of food and supplement choices tend to look for a weight gainer with a high enough calorie.

Below is an example for setting your diet when you are running a Muscle Building program.

Examples of diet
• 3 pieces of whole grain bread (optional)
• 3 tablespoons of oatmeal (optional)
• 1 Scoop Isomass / Muscle Juice
Morning Snack
• 3 pieces of whole wheat bread + 1 apple / orange / pear (optional)
• 3 tablespoons of oatmeal (optional)
• 150 - 200 grams of chicken breast / fish / beef / tofu / tempeh / white egg
• 80-100 grams of brown rice (unripe position)
• 100 grams of vegetables of various colors
• 1 Daily Complete Formula item
Lunch Snack
• 1 Scoop Isomass / Muscle Juice
• 3 tablespoons of oatmeal
Before Exercise
• 1 scoop AdreNOline / 2 items Kre Alkalyn / 4 Beta K points
• 1 banana
After training
• 1 Scoop Isomass / Muscle Juice
• 150 grams of chicken breast / fish / beef / tofu / tempeh / white egg
• 80-100 grams of brown rice (unripe position)
• 100 grams of vegetables
• 1 Daily Complete Formula item

• Ideal foods are foods that contain unsaturated fats, complex carbohydrates and proteins. Types of foods that contain unsaturated fats are foods that use olive or canola oil, avocado, and nuts, a type of food that has the complex carbohydrate properties of brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread. Protein foods are chicken, fish, beef, egg white, tofu.
• Meat processing can be cooked by boiling, burning, or baking as long as it is not fried with cooking oil other than the oil mentioned above, using fat-laden spices or using sugar. Salt is allowed but in very small amounts. (diet salt is recommended).
• The menu portion above can be adjusted according to your body size.
• The time to consume the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for those who exercise in the morning. The important thing is to try to eat 5-6x a day in small portions, the goal is to increase your metabolism.
• In the Muscle Building program, it tends to use protein milk which increases muscle mass and weight (weight gainer) than Amino because the body needs a high amount of protein and carbohydrate intake and calories; you can get from the ideal type of food.

The supplement needed in this program is a type of Weight Gainer supplement that has protein, carbohydrates, and calories high enough to thicken our muscle mass and automatically gain weight.
The following are examples of supplements that can be consumed in Muscle Building:

Isomass Extreme Gainer / Muscle Juice
Increase your weight through maximum muscle growth, suitable for those of you who want to thicken their muscles without adding a lot of fat, besides that IsoMass is also useful for increasing endurance and recovering power. You face the intensity of exercise. You Areomass Extreme Gainer Consumption and Start to feel the changes.

Daily Complete Formula
The most complete multivitamin and multimineral which reduces the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, etc. It also increases your body's resilience and recovery power and maintains eye health, bones and skin, metabolism and much more. Routine Daily Complete Consumption Formula makes you feel more healthy and fresh in your daily activities.

Beta K
The combination of Beta-Alanine and Kre-Alkalyn synergistically provides very high energy, energy, stamina and muscle strength for you. Beta K does not require a loading phase and helps increase your muscle mass.

Is a nitric oxide supplement whose main function is the vasodilator, which is the dilation of blood vessels to ease nutrients absorbed into the body. In addition, adrenaline also provides an extraordinary burst of energy during training. Feel different energy than before after you adrenaline.

Creatine Monohydrate
Is a basic creatine supplement in the form of powder and capsules. Its main function is to increase energy during exercise if consumed before exercise and increase muscle mass when consumed after exercise. This supplement requires stages of loading & maintenance and off phase. The latest development of this supplement is Kre-Alkalyn, Beta K which does not need loading stages.

* Note: Not all supplements must be used in the example of the above diet. Choose the best combination for you.

You know that in Muscle Building, all topics are about increasing your muscle mass more optimally. The set ration for large muscles is 9-12 core sets and for small muscles is 6-8 core sets. Apply the failure method to the specified reps and use the negative movement method.

Negative movement is the tempo of slow movement when the load drops and the tempo of movement are fast when the load rises.

Treadmills on this program are up to 2x a week to maintain fitness and stabilize your fat levels.

Examples of exercise patterns

Flat Barbell Press 4 sets
Incline Barbell Press 3 sets
Dumbbell Flies 4 sets
Cable Crossover 3 sets
Center Crunch 4 sets 

Lat Pull Down 4 sets 
Seated Cable Row 4 sets 
Deadlift 4 sets 
Straight Arm Pull Down 3 sets 
Lying Leg Raise 4 sets 
Treadmill (brisk walking) 20-30 minutes

Overhead Barbell Press 4 sets 
Side Lateral Raise 3 sets 
Front Barbell Raise 3 sets 
Bent Over Lateral Raise 3 sets 
Barbell Shrug 4 sets 
Center Crunch 4 sets 

Squat 4 sets 
Leg Press 3 sets 
Leg Curl 4 sets 
Leg Extension 4 sets 
Standing Calf Raise 4 sets 
Side Crunch 4 sets 

Skull Crusher 4 sets 
Reverse Grip Press Down 3 sets 
Concentration Curl 4 sets 
3 set Hammer Curl 
Lying Leg Raise 4 sets 
Treadmill (brisk walking) 20-30 minutes

• Adjust this exercise schedule with your time.
• Try a week of training at least 3 times a week.
• The right order is weight training first, then cardio training, not vice versa.
• Failure is the last maximum repetition that can be done with good movement.
• Note that the break between sets is 1.5 - 2 minutes.
• Treadmills are here to maintain your fitness level and train your cardiovascular body. Not for fat burning because you are in a Muscle Building program.
Increasing muscle mass to increase muscle mass with the Bulking program is the same as replacing your car's engine from 1000cc to 2000cc and all we know is that if a car's engine has a larger cc, it means its weight is more wasteful. you need more gasoline every km that goes through and is more wasteful of money.